Spider vein sclerotherapy in Homer and Soldotna, AK

Sclerotherapy is an exciting procedure offered by Dr. Rene’ Alvarez, for the treatment of unsightly varicose, spider and reticular veins of the leg. Sclerotherapy is the use of injections of small amounts of solutions to irritate the vein walls and achieve ultimate closure of the vein. The modern sclerosing agents used are virtually pain free and result in significant cosmetic improvement.

Sclerotherapy has been in use for decades, initially using saline as an injectable sclerosant to close the veins. However, significant pain and discomfort accompanied this type of injection and complications such as skin breakdown and inflammation were common.

Modern vein treatment agents and techniques are much less painful and safer with only rare skin problems. Asclera is the solution used by Dr. Rene’ Alvarez for sclerotherapy. Special lighting to outline veins and new methods are used to obliterate these unsightly areas.

Varicose veins are the large, dark purple veins that protrude from the skin, bulge and twist with cord-like appearance.

Spider veins are the very small, fine red or blue veins that are very superficial. Spider veins can cover small or large areas and have the appearance of spider webs or tree branches. These are often filled by feeder veins known as reticular veins. These are the blue or green veins that are beneath the skin and usually require special lighting for treatment using Asclera, also known as polidocanol (POL).

There are a number of factors that can result in spider and reticular veins. Prolonged standing or sitting, age, pregnancy, gender, excess weight, heredity, and birth control or hormone usage are just some of the underlying possible causes.

Around 80% of spider and reticular veins respond well to sclerotherapy with POL. However, larger flesh colored varicose veins are often a sign of more serious disease that requires a different approach, such as ultrasound diagnosis and venous stripping or laser ablation.

Go to asclera.com for more information and warnings and contraindications to sclerotherapy.

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