Call us today for a vasectomy in Homer or Soldotna, AK

At South Peninsula General Surgery and endoscopy, we understand why you have opted for a vasectomy. We also understand that you are looking to avoid needles and scalpels.

The No Needle/No Scalpel vasectomy is NOT your fathers traumatic mess. This advanced technique is essentially painless because of the MadaJet method of anesthesia. The MadaJet sprays anesthetic through the delicate skin to achieve instantaneous numbing. The procedure is then done in a painless, modern way that minimizes trauma to delicate tissues. The result is a quick and easy procedure with minimal down-time and discomfort.

A pamphlet describing the procedure is available and can be mailed for your convenience.

A free consultation with Dr. Alvarez can be arranged in Homer, Soldotna or Kodiak by calling 907.235.1010.

No Needle, No Scalpel, No worries!


“I recently had a vasectomy procedure done by Dr. Alvarez at his Vida office in Soldotna. It was my first surgical experience and frankly nothing like what I imagined. His office is a comfortable, attractive environment. He was sensitive to my feelings and took initiative to make sure I was comfortable. The procedure itself was literally painless. I arrived at 10 a.m. and walked out 45 minutes later. I drove home and took a couple Tylenol for preventative pain reliever. I used ice off and on throughout the afternoon as instructed, then went out for the evening without any pain or discomfort moving/walking around. The next morning, I had no pain and went about my day as usual like nothing ever happened. I understand Dr. Alvarez uses the latest techniques to minimize invasion, residual wounds and pain. I can recommend him with gratitude. :)”

Dustin, Kenai AK